Goals for a Greener Global

At GG 2022, we introduced our sustainability vision of “Preserving and enriching a world worth seeing”. Our vision is about addressing the impacts of travel head-on while ensuring our actions benefit our people, destinations, and communities.

At GG 2023, we will bring this vision to life through our actions. Over the coming weeks we are excited to share with you the ways we are making Global Gathering an event that we can all be proud of.

Anytime you see our new GG Greener Global logo, it’s highlighting how we all can make a difference through:

  1. Reducing single use plastic
  2. Reducing food waste
  3. Reducing water waste
  4. Supporting local businesses
  5. Supporting local communities
  6. Compensating for our carbon emissions to ensure the event is 100% carbon neutral

We can’t do this alone and will need the support of everyone attending Global Gathering 2023 to support the initiatives, so we can leave Bali even better than when we arrived.