Manggis Village Community Hub

To say thank you to Bali for being our gracious hosts this year, we are building a community hub within the Kaura Community Retreat, part of the Discova Manggis project in East Bali aligning to the FCTG sustainability vision of “Preserving and enriching a world worth seeing”. Our goal is to make a positive impact in Bali during our stay for Global Gathering so we are working closely with the team at Discova to bring this vision to life.

The community hub will be built as a multiple purpose centre for free use by the community, but heavily focused on continuing the movement in and around the village of Manggis, and to increase the number of farmers converting to growing organic crops, mainly focused on rice, beans, corn, spices, herbs, and organic vegetables.

In addition to being used by farmers to expand organic farmer associations, every day the hub will function as an open learning centre by the village children to focus on sustainable development such as; art teaching, environmental conservation, languages, computers, and other skills that is beneficial to their needs to support their learning curriculum outside of school classes.

Lastly, this community hub also can be used by the female villagers to conduct a workshop class for Kaura in-house guests every morning such as making Balinese canang sari (daily offering), traditional dance lessons, local handicraft from bamboo, and herbal medicine class (Jamu making).

As a delegate of Global Gathering 2023, you will have an opportunity to leave your mark on this amazing project, stay tuned for updates.

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